Susanne Persson portraits
May 15, 2016

portrait favourite paintings ,drawings by me SussiQPersson

singer P.J.Proby

Sometimes you like a painting or drawing a little more than the other you have done.This is one of them i made 2013.The American Texas born  singer P.J.Proby.Now live in UK since many years.The photo i painted this from is from the 60's .

There is always something you could have done different  with this and that.But this painting i still like a lot.

Even if I am not saying It's perfect,everybody got different ways of seeing things.

So what i see, another person might see something totally different in a Picture than I do,or in this case my oil painting on canvas.

May 15, 2016

Doing more than painting

dress with fringe small beads

yes sometimes i do jewelry beads necklace wristlinks and dresses for dolls in small beads .The doll dress  not to play with,just looking at.

It's good to have things you love to do that make you be in the now.Focusing on what you are creating.working with beads make me feel just that.having fun with what you are doing, staying focused here and now.